Disaster Recovery

When disaster strikes, FM Generator responds.  Our disaster recovery program, spanning the Blizzard of ’78 to Superstorm Sandy, is unmatched in the industry. Our recovery teams are trained and equipped to handle all types of equipment needs in all types of disasters. We ensure that networks large and small remain fueled and fully operational from the beginning to end of the outage.

Our disaster recovery performance has been praised by numerous state and local agencies—as well as the White House. Our expertise, dedication and track record of keeping mission-critical facilities online and ensuring reliable backup power during emergencies is unmatched. During a natural disaster, severe weather event, man-made incident or a simple power outage, we are your partner for maximum uptime.

At FM Generator, we do more than sell and service emergency power systems, we provide peace of mind through reliability. We are dedicated to rapid response around the clock, in any situation, while providing quality workmanship and expert solutions.