A Guide to Capital Planning
A Guide to Capital Planning

Are you uncertain of how to properly plan for a generator replacement? Perhaps you are faced with planning the installation of a new commercial generator.

Capital planning can be easy with FM Generator's capital planning service. We provide comprehensive budget estimates for new or replacement equipment.

Cities, towns, municipalities, boroughs, villages, hamlets, and census-designated-places all have emergency backup power needs --- namely generators in a variety of applications; 911 & EMS, police, fire & emergency service infrastructure, light rail & commuter train crossings, and wastewater treatment facilities. When mission-critical 911 services are down, citizens are put at risk. When railway crossings aren’t secured during an outage, crashes occur. When wastewater pumps go offline, bad things can happen.

We understand that local governments have large and customized backup power needs. They need to keep up building maintenance, serve the community, and protect their citizens during emergencies. They shouldn't have to worry about generators, especially during a disaster, major weather event, or other calamity.

That's why we offer capital planning assistance.

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