FM installs pump house generator in Branchburg, NJ
FM installs pump house generator in Branchburg, NJ

branchburg1FM installs pump house generator in Branchburg, NJ

FM Generator’s operation support group has installed a new generator at the River Road pumping station in Branchburg, NJ. The generator is designed to provide backup power to sewage injector pumps located beneath the pump house. The pump stations receive household waste from gravity-fed sewage lines under the roadways. When the flow needs to go up hill, it gets pumped to the next location and eventually makes its way to a treatment plant. These pump stations are in several locations around towns, usually at the side of the road. Most people drive past them every day unaware of what they are.  Each pump house has a generator which will start and keep the sewage injector pumps working amid a power outage. Without the backup power the sewer system would back up and pressurize, forcing raw sewage out of the system. Picture your toilet bubbling sewage into the house.  These piping systems are vast and cover a huge area. In the metropolitan Boston area a majority of the towns inside of Route 495 have an elaborate system of pipes and pumping stations feeding into the Deer Island treatment plant. Sewage from 26 miles away will eventually make its way to Deer Island where it is purified and released into the Atlantic Ocean.

Back in Branchburg, this simple pump station is just one of several undergoing renovation for the next generation. Without the generator system  sewage would back up and flow backwards during a power failure.

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