How a Home Generator Works
How a Home Generator Works

At the end of a long day, it’s time to spend time together. Losing power leads to stress, loss of food, loss of heat/AC, and limited access to hot water. At FM Generator, we take pride in our families and in ensuring our team members and our customers get the most out of time spent with family. Enjoy your family time, uninterrupted with a reliable, automatic home generator system.

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So, how does a home generator work automatically? When the utility power goes out, the automatic transfer switch senses a power loss. When it senses a loss of more than a few seconds, it activates the standby generator. Once the standby generator activates, it can provide power to the whole house or to dedicated circuits.

The automatic transfer switch also senses when the utility power is restored. It sends a signal to the generator to turn off, and restores power to the circuits of the home through the utility power. 

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A home generator typically costs between $8,000 and $12,000 for purchase and installation, plus an annual or semi-annual maintenance plan of around $27 to $40/month, depending on your system and frequency of use. Installation costs vary depending on the size of the unit, placement at your home, gas piping requirements, and other factors.

We provide full turnkey comprehensive generator solutions including:

  • necessary equipment
  • installation
  • startup
  • preventative maintenance
  • warranty service

In terms of post-installation generator services, we offer the following:

  • Preventative Maintenance Services
  • Scheduled and Emergency Repairs
  • Remote Monitoring Services

In simple terms, we are Home Generator experts! With decades of experience working with backup power generators, we confidently provide the utmost quality in generator sales, installations, and service.

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