Restoring generators: No easy or routine task
Restoring generators: No easy or routine task

FM Generator’s restoration crew restored its first generator of the year on April 28th in Pawling, NY, which is located in the Catskills west of Danbury, CT.  The crew started last year in Massachusetts and Rhode Island and has been steadily moving west, and will work its through upstate New York and the Adirondacks this summer before heading back down to Albany.

Restoring generators is a complicated process which requires specific weather conditions. Caution must be taken with precipitation and temperature, as well as pollen and wind direction. Specialized equipment and paint additives are required to protect the paint and the gloss through the drying process. Variable weather conditions create a series of obstacles that could ruin freshly applied paint. Environmentally-friendly methods and cleaners must be used in order to clean the painted surfaces to allow maximum adhesion in a short window of time. FM’s restoration crew is constantly monitoring weather conditions for a window of opportunity covering the days before and after the paint is applied.


Insect and animal encounters pose another hazard. Sound attenuated outdoor generator enclosures are considerably warmer than the ambient temperatures outside, especially in the winter. Rodents and snakes often try to hibernate in the generator enclosures. In the spring, bees nest in places like door hasps and intake scoops. Evicting these critters can be a tricky ordeal.

The end result:  Generator enclosures and fuel tanks are restored by through being sanded and receiving a fresh coat of paint which will last several years.