Buying a Home Generator: Full Installation Process Explained
Buying a Home Generator: Full Installation Process Explained

Buying a Home Generator: Full Installation Process Explained

Here’s what happens at FM Generator in Massachusetts --- and nationwide. 

The following is a breakdown of the process of a generator installation here at FM (and really all over the country). From start to finish, we’ll show you with full transparency what happens, what to expect, and what you’ll need to know. Without further adieu, let’s get to generating some backup power knowledge.


Part 1: The Preliminary Work

After your initial research, the first part of the buying a home generator process is to schedule a free quote. Together, you and your provider can determine the size and add-ons to your generator (switch, modules, etc.).

Next we’ll find the most cost-effective location to place your generator around the house. We’ll also look at whether any landscaping or structures need to be built (i.e., enclosures for your generator).fm generator installation planning and questions

At this point you will need to determine who will be responsible for the landscaping contractor (if necessary). You can use your own landscapers, or we can provide you with a team at a cost).

Next we will determine if any plumbing or electrical contractors are needed (including permits). Again you will need to determine who will be responsible for the plumber/electrician if there are any electrical and/or plumbing needs. Once again, you can use your own electrician/plumber, or we can provide you with one at a cost.

We provide you with a quote. You sign the terms and conditions and pay a 50% deposit for the project.


Part 1 Fast Facts:

  • Your generator must be placed at least five feet from a window.
  • Your generator must be unobstructed, meaning no trees or vegetation or anything flammable nearby. 
  • If you choose to use your own landscaping, electrical and/or plumbing contractors, ensure you are using licensed professionals who carry proper insurance.
  • If you choose to use your own electrical and/or plumbing contractors, ensure all proper permits are handed over to you after work is completed.
  • If you choose to use propane gas, you will be responsible for hiring your own propane contractors.
  • Quotes will be sent out to you within 48 hours.
  • We must have the terms and conditions signed by you and the 50% deposit before we move on to Part 2…

View/Download our printable PDF of this entire home generator pdf thumbnail fm genprocess.


Part 2: The Installation Preparation

At this point, we will order your generator and all related parts. We will contact the appropriate contractors if applicable. If not, we will work with your contractors to ensure all work is properly completed.


Part 2 Fast Facts

  • We will suggest the best location for your generator and as close to the meter as possible.
  • Contractor work may include digging trenches for proper piping.
  • The concrete pad that we use is pre-poured.
  • We coordinate with you and the contractors to provide and obtain updates throughout the process (regardless of whether the contractors were hired by you or FM Generator).

Part 3: The Installation Day

Your generator is delivered and set up for installation. The installation is completed and an inspector approves all work performed. All proper permits must be present.

We start up your new generator. We provide you with all documentation (warranty Information, first year’s maintenance documents, and refer-a-friend coupons for $100.00).

30% of the payment will be due upon delivery, with the final 20% due upon final start-up.

Finally, you enjoy peace of mind --- and have home standby backup generating power in place for years to come.


Part 3 Fast Facts:

  • We will deliver the generator to the location of installation on your property.
  • Upon delivery, we will expect 30% of payment owed.
  • At the time of inspection, the inspector must be able to see all permits. If you are using your own contractors, you must provide us with the proper permits.
  • Once inspection is complete and we have completed paperwork, we can move forward, and we will then start the generator.
  • Upon final start-up we will expect the final 20% of payment owed.
  • Briggs and Stratton Generators come with a 5, 6 or 10 year warranty (depending on equipment and your choice).

We hope this look into the planning, preparation, and installation of a home generator is helpful. If you have more specific questions, you can chat with a local generator specialist here in Massachusetts today --- or use our contact form.