Backup Power for Cold Storage | Commercial Generators
Backup Power for Cold Storage | Commercial Generators

Backup Power for Cold Storage | Commercial Generators

With the COVID-19 vaccine distribution on the top of our minds and all over the news cycle, we thought it might be worthwhile to talk about an often-overlooked topic, backup power for cold storage and transportation. 

As you might have heard, the Pfizer vaccine must be shipped and stored long term at temperatures of -70° Celsius (-94°F) --- using costly specialized equipment

The Moderna vaccine also needs temperature control, at  -20° Celsius (-4°F). This can be done in a standard freezer. Once it arrives at the location of administration (doctor’s office, pharmacy, etc.) it can be stored at temperatures between 36° and 46° F, in a normal refrigerator, for up to 30 days. Once out of the refrigerator, it may be kept at room temperatures for up to 12 hours.

If, at any point during this chain of custody, the cold storage process breaks down, the vaccine is rendered useless.

That’s where backup power and generators enter the equation. If you have an expensive product that must be kept frozen or refrigerated (like a vaccine, or anything really) --- you want to know that if the power goes out, you won’t lose your entire inventory. 29387173_915789568590496_7366987777390411776_o

Blizzards, hurricanes, wind damage, ice storms, and lots of other natural disaster events are relatively common events. That’s why having a generator in this application (and others like it) is a must. 

Don’t risk losing expensive merchandise to a power outage. Give yourself the peace of mind that your inventory is protected --- whether you’re storing critical drugs, or ice cream sandwiches.




FB-1505-300x200Do you have advanced cold storage needs and require a comprehensive backup power solution? Reach out to our commercial generator experts today for a consultation. We have extensive experience in backup power for commercial applications in our 40+ years in business.