Capital Planning Assistance for Generators: Cities & Towns
Capital Planning Assistance for Generators: Cities & Towns

A guide to capital planning for generator projects.

Cities, towns, municipalities, boroughs, villages, hamlets, and census-designated-places all have emergency backup power needs --- namely generators in a variety of applications; 911 & EMS, police, fire & emergency service infrastructure, light rail & commuter train crossings, and wastewater treatment facilities. When mission-critical 911 services are down, citizens are put at risk. When railway crossings aren’t secured during an outage, crashes occur. When wastewater pumps go offline, bad things can happen.

We understand that local governments have large and customized backup power needs. They need to keep up building maintenance, serve the community, and protect their citizens during emergencies. They shouldn't have to worry about generators, especially during a disaster, major weather event, or other calamity.

That's why we offer capital planning assistance...

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Capital Planning Help for Your Generator Project



Backup Power Specialists

Our specialists have been helping customers with capital planning for years --- with over 70 total years of combined experience.

Our generator product consultants will:

  • visit the location of your existing generator --- or the location at which you’d like to put a new backup power system, 
  • ask a few questions, allowing us to provide an overview of capital improvement costs and considerations 


This will look at:

  • replace vs. repair, 
  • current state evaluation, 
  • costs of future repairs, 
  • availability of parts, etc. 

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Capital Planning Generator Questions to Ask  

  • Is your current generator “getting up there” in age?  
  • Is it getting close to the end of its serviceable life
  • Is the generator costing you a lot of money in repairs? 
  • Not sure if it’s worth it to try to repair your old one, or just get a new generator?
  • Have your needs changed and/or you want more building items tied to a generator?    


Working with Cities and Towns:  

We provide budget estimates for new or replacement equipment --- so facility managers can work with financial planning committees within these cities and towns and add the items into future budget lines. 

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Estimated Life Remaining on Your Generator

We give an estimate on the amount of time an existing generator might have left which allows these municipalities to plan their budgets properly.  


Preventing Failures

Many times older generators have a combination of obsolete parts and failures of major components such as the cooling system, alternator, and engine. The goal of working with our customers on capital planning is to ensure that a generator near the end of its serviceable life does not have a failure.  

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Get In Touch & Ask a Question

We serve customers from Maine down to New Jersey and all in-between. If you have a question about your next capital planning generator project, please CONTACT US TODAY.