Home Generator Remote Monitoring: Understanding Your Options
Home Generator Remote Monitoring: Understanding Your Options

Home Generator Remote Monitoring: Understanding Your Options

Investing in a generator for your business or your home? Make sure it’s protected and functioning properly. How? Use remote monitoring.

  • Discover potential issues before they become expensive repairs.
  • Ensure your generator will work during a power outage. 
  • Keep an eye on the power at all times. 
  • Remove the “what-ifs.” 
  • Protect your home and protect your business... remotely (i.e., on your phone). 

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Why Remote Monitoring?

Monitoring a generator is not a new phenomenon, but the technology for doing so keeps getting better. Today’s remote generator monitoring systems bring all sorts of features to your fingertips including:

  • Text and email notifications of system status
  • Low fuel and real-time fuel levels
  • Battery voltage and trends --- (see problems before a failure occurs)
  • Utility power off/power restored
  • Tampering/unauthorized activity
  • Ability to remotely operate the generator
  • Diagnosis and ability to clear alarms

Some states now mandate keeping records of when your generator runs, and for how long. A remote monitoring system is an automatic and easy means to create these reports. Your provider can also remotely control the exercise schedule to run the generator only on designated clean air days in jurisdictions where such rules apply. 

Alerts can be sent to you directly, and/or to your generator service provider. When your service provider is alerted to generator fault conditions, it allows for quicker response and minimizes potential downtime. Generator monitoring also provides alerts when scheduled maintenance is needed allowing you and your service provider to proactively schedule generator maintenance.

Here is a recent generator swap out for a residence in Canton. Working & studying from home is at an all time high these...

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How Remote Monitoring Works

There are three main means of communication with your generator system:

Ethernet / RS485 Hard-wired into LAN

  • Pros
    • No subscriber fees
    • Reliable
    • Generally part of a commercial installation tied to a Building Management System (BMS)
  • Cons
    • Difficult to set up initial communications between devices
    • Requires site hardware to be backed up by UPS and a generator
    • Assumes that internet access is available during a power outage

Wireless / Bluetooth

  • Pros
    • No fees (for basic reporting)
    • Generally limited to residential applications
  • Cons
    • Limited range (Bluetooth less than 50’)
    • Subject to interference in rain and snow
    • Not available during loss of power and/or internet


  • Pros
    • Uses proven 4G Wireless Technology
    • Works independently of local internet, hubs or servers
    • Some systems allow the use of prepaid data/sim cards
      • Commercial systems with built in modems
  • Cons
    • Cost for one time purchase of hardware
    • Subscription fees

*The greatest level of flexibility and reliability is achieved with a cellular connected device. This applies to both residential and commercial applications.

Today, it’s easier than ever to monitor the real time status of your generator from anywhere. It’s one small monthly subscription that you won’t regret getting! Contact the pros here at FM for more info and a free quote for your home or business. 

One easy way to ensure your generator is protected and functioning properly is with remote monitoring. You will not only...

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