Difference Between Portable and Standby Power
Difference Between Portable and Standby Power

Difference Between Portable and Standby Power

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a portable generator and an automatic standby generator? While having a portable generator is certainly better than not having any backup power, there are substantial safety and convenience considerations to be accounted for with an automatic standby generator. 

Portable Gas

With a portable gas generator, the use of extension cords is required. Consider this: your generator is out in the driveway, not in the house, so that you and your family avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. You run an extension cord from the driveway to the back of the house to power your window A/C unit. You run a second extension cord from the driveway into the kitchen to power your refrigerator and one light. Not only is this unsafe, it is extremely inconvenient.

In addition to the increased safety hazards, portable gas generators can burn through a tank of gas every 4 hours! Not only is gas difficult to come by before and after severe weather events, it does not store well long term. Running out of gas for the generator is almost a given.

Automatic Standby

With an automatic standby generator, extension cords are not required. The generator equipment is connected directly to the electrical panel on the house. Not only does this operate significantly safer than a portable generator, it is more convenient too! You can decide which circuits you will power in your home, or you can splurge and power the whole house! When the power goes off, the generator turns on and all you experience is a quick flick of the power.

Automatic standby generators are stored in weather resistant housing which is not only safe, but reliable too! These generators are fueled by either Natural Gas or Propane. If the generator is fueled by natural gas, it receives its fuel from the gas line on the property. If the generator is fueled by propane, have the propane company top off your fuel tank before a storm then sit back, relax, and ride out the storm in the comfort of your own home. 


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