Managing Your Backup Power in a Flood Zone
Managing Your Backup Power in a Flood Zone

Do you live or own a business in a flood zone?


Managing Your Backup Power in a Flood Zone

It's always safe to consider how site or watershed conditions may change over the expected life of a structure or building utility system, accounting for factors such as anticipated upland development or increased frequency and magnitude of extreme weather events.

Climate change has brought about many unpredictable weather events all over the globe. Most recently, major flooding and flash floods have become powerful & have had deadly occurrences in new places. This year alone, twelve countries in Europe and over eleven states in the US have been strongly affected by flash floods. This has resulted in severe infrastructure damage and many lives lost.

During a storm, some home and business owners rely on rope start generators to keep their necessary appliances working. Often, the necessary appliance is a sump pump to avoid basement flooding. While this seems like a simple solution, having a rope start system in a basement or garage without proper ventilation is extremely dangerous. More than 150 people in the Unites States die every year from accidental non-fire related Carbon Monoxide poisoning associated with consumer products, including generators. According to the National Institute of Health, Carbon Monoxide can cause death in as little as five minutes.

FM Generator ensures proper installation of standby systems in flood hazard areas, identifying & informing our customers from the very beginning.

We can easily install on platforms, rooftops or assist with the requirements of a permanent flood barrier. This will allow sump pumps to continue working in the event of an outage. If major flooding occurs, the generator will be signaled to stop supplying power, but will remain protected while elevated.



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