Generator Battery Systems
Generator Battery Systems

The leading cause of generator failure is a dead battery.

Why does a generator battery have a shorter lifespan than a car battery? A battery in a car charges every time it is being used. Generator batteries are charged 24/7 by a battery charger. This puts stress on the battery which can weaken it over time.  

Healthy battery systems are vital components to a functioning generator set. Without the battery, the engine on the generator set will not start. Proper battery system maintenance is imperative to prevent batteries from becoming discharged, corroded, or dried out.

It is easier to know when a car battery is failing as the engine may hesitate to start. Generators are used less often and therefore, batteries can completely fail and the failure is not discovered until the generator does not turn on during a power outage.

At FM Generator, we provide reliability. Our comprehensive preventative maintenance program includes a full analysis and maintenance on battery systems during a PM visit. These analysis points include: 

  • Periodic Water Replacement
  • Measure Cell Voltage
  • Measure Specific Gravity
  • Re-Torque Battery Connections
  • Keep Battery Clean
  • Check Cell Voltage for Equality

Temperature also has an impact on battery systems. Both cold and hot weather can compromise the battery performance. Oversizing the battery and using a battery heater can offset cold weather issues. Ni-Cd batteries can offset both hot and cold weather implications on battery life. Ni-Cd batteries cost more, but they also have a lifespan ranging from 9-20 years, depending on the average temperature they are exposed to. Standard lead acid batteries have an average lifespan of 2-3 years.

For ultimate reliability of your generator system, be sure to replace batteries regularly and address any outstanding repairs as soon as possible. Contact us today for more information! 800-253-6617 or