Power Management for Home Generators
Power Management for Home Generators

Save money by purchasing a smaller home generator that still provides power to the whole home!

What is "Load Management" and how can it benefit you?

Your home's power is managed through a control panel. Dedicated circuits feed power to lighting, HVAC and other appliances, and sump pumps. A standard home generator system mimics this format through the wiring of each circuit to the generator by way of the Automatic Transfer Switch. When the power goes out, the Automatic Transfer Switch turns on the generator but feeds power only to the circuits that are wired to the generator. In order to carry the load of all circuits at the same time, a large generator is required.

With a home power system, your cost is reduced and while your functionality increases. A home power system can be more economical saving you money both on fuel and generator equipment. When a home power system is installed, it takes on all the circuits and is programmed to prioritize the "loads" or circuits. For example, when the power goes out, the HVAC, refrigerator, and sump pump always turn on. When you turn on the microwave, the lights in the bedroom may turn off as the load prioritization has been programmed to do so.

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Turning off lower priority loads (or circuits) is called Load Shedding. Adding and shedding loads based on priority level and available power is called Load Management. This feature allows for priority systems to remain on for the duration of  a power outage. Secondary systems (loads) will be shed or added as KW power utilization increases or decreases. Without a load management system, the generator will simply shut down power to the entire home if the power being drawn is larger than the power output of the generator.

Load management modules cost a fraction of the generator installation and are an efficient and effective way to maximize your return on investment while minimizing your spend. Contact us today for more information!