Annual Maintenance Parts for Home Generators
Annual Maintenance Parts for Home Generators

What parts are replaced during your home generator's annual maintenance visit and why are these parts important?

At FM Generator, we believe family moments, healthy living, and work/ school should be lived uninterrupted. Our preventative maintenance program provides the reliability you need at a cost you can afford. 

Have you ever wondered what a spark plug is? What does it do? How often should it be replaced? Spark plugs ignite the air and fuel mixture creating enough power to start the engine. Because of the task this part serves, over time and through use, it can become worn and cracked. Typically a spark plug should be replaced every 100 hours of use. At every annual maintenance visit, we inspect the spark plugs, and then change them as needed.

Electric cord with electricity sparkls as symbol of power

The lubrication oil and oil filter provide lubrication to the moving parts inside the engine. This keeps the engine running smoothly and more importantly, prevents damage. As the engine runs, the oil collects by-products from combustion. Replacing the oil and oil filter annually will prevent build up and engine damage.

An air filter is vital to the cleanliness and operation of any engine. The air filter keeps particles like dust and pollen as well as combustion particles out of the engine. When an engine is contaminated with these particles, it can become worn down requiring further maintenance or even repairs.  

Preventative maintenance is regularly scheduled maintenance performed on generator equipment to keep it running properly and to prevent costly engine failure. Keep your generator running reliably and protect your asset investment with a cost effective preventative maintenance plan. Contact us today for a free quote!