Renting a Portable Generator
Renting a Portable Generator

Renting a portable generator can be a simple solution to providing a temporarily supply power to your job site, outdoor event, or even for emergency purposes.

There are a few factors to consider when renting a generator. First is your power output. You will need to determine how much power you require to run the equipment you need to use. Generators are rated in kilowatts (kW) or megawatts (MW), so it's important to know the wattage requirements of your equipment. The second factor you must be aware of is the fuel type your system will need. Diesel generators are often preferred for their efficiency and durability. They also require less maintenance than other fuel types. Size and weight of the generator is paramount. You must to make sure the generator is portable and easy to move around, especially if you plan on using it for outdoor events or construction sites. Noise level is also important, especially if you plan on using your rental in a residential area or for events where noise could be a problem. Rental duration is very significant as well. Determine how long you will need the generator, as this will affect the rental cost.

Once you have determined your power needs and other requirements, you can start looking for rental companies that offer large, portable diesel generators. FM Generator currently has twenty-five rentals in the fleet. We offer rentals ranging from 25KW to 2mW. They are all diesel. Rental periods of time are flexible, from daily to long-term. All units are regularly maintained and inspected prior to deployment. Rentals are available 24/7 and can be delivered directly to your location. FM Generator can also provide refueling services. When renting a generator, FM makes sure to follow all safety guidelines and maintenance requirements to confirm the equipment runs smoothly and efficiently throughout the rental period.