What does proprietary mean?
What does proprietary mean?

You own your generator, but do you really own the rights to your equipment?

In the generator world, proprietary means the equipment must be serviced solely by licensed technicians of the manufacturer. When you own a generator with proprietary equipment, you are beholden to the manufacturer's technicians for not only warranty work, but preventative maintenance and repairs as well. This can be more costly and may put you in a tough situation as there may be only one vendor in your area to service your equipment.

Conversely, non-proprietary (also called open protocol) puts the equipment into the hands of the owner. Open protocol equipment can be serviced by any licensed technician which can be more timely and more economical. You can choose your service provider.

At FM Generator, we have been servicing all makes and models of generators for over 50 years! Our technicians are EGSA certified - we meet (and exceed!) industry standards for knowledge and quality service. We take pride in offering non-proprietary solutions for every generator need. Here are a few of our proud partnerships:

  • Blue Star - offers non-proprietary, open protocol commercial generator equipment. Blue Star offers standard and flexible solutions including customized equipment for unique specifications and applications.
  • Winco - offers non-proprietary, open protocol commercial generator equipment with a small footprint. Winco offers quality equipment that is great for tight spaces requiring commercial size power.
  • Briggs and Stratton - offers non-proprietary, open protocol residential equipment. Briggs and Stratton offers quality equipment with power management that allows for whole home power at a lower cost.

Whether you are shopping for a commercial or a residential application, we have solutions to fit your needs. Enjoy the flexibility of open protocol equipment and the reliability of FM Generator. Contact us today for a free quote!