Rodent Protection-Keeping Your Generator Safe from Unwanted Visitors
Rodent Protection-Keeping Your Generator Safe from Unwanted Visitors
Have you heard strange, creepy, skittering noises coming from your generator lately? As the winter weather subsides, rodents find different environments to explore. A generator engine is a seemingly perfect place for these cute, and sometimes not so cute critters, especially as the weather gets hot.
In the northeast, the weather always changes. But one thing never changes…. power outages happen! Rodents and their nests can cause a generator to malfunction. Are you prepared? Can you afford to lose power during an important client/prospect Zoom Meeting? Back-up power Generators that function properly provide reliability for you and your family during these times to ensure your home is always protected.
What does Rodent Protection entail?

Our team has been trained to clean and remove debris from enclosures and then scream off open areas to help prevent rodents from entering the enclosure.

Rodent protection is an exclusive service offered by FM Generator to inspect and remove rodents and their nests from your generator equipment. Our experienced team of technicians has seen their fair share of critters over the years. In the 50 years we have been serving our community, we have seen snakes, spiders and rodents of other kinds nested up inside generator enclosures. 
Not a fan of snakes or rodents? Have no fear, FM Generator is here! We will gladly remove any unwanted critters from your generator, so you don’t have to. Just say the word, and we will be there.
The consistent maintenance and cleanliness of your existing generator provides peace of mind. For more information or a quote, call FM Generator today at 833-364-7697 or email us at For more information on our other services we can provide, feel free to visit our website and our Menu of Services.   
We hope you remain safe and well this Spring!

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