Where to Install a Home Generator
Where to Install a Home Generator

Are you considering the purchase of a home generator, but not sure where to place it?

There are a few things to consider when selecting the best location to install your new home power system.

There are multiple trades involved in a home generator installation. The electrician installs the Automatic Transfer Switch by connecting it to the electrical panel of the house. The ATS communicates between utility power and the generator. When the utility power goes out, the ATS sends a signal to the generator to turn on. The ATS has the ability to direct power to the entire house or to select circuits, depending on how it was installed. A power management system can save you money by purchasing a smaller home generator that still provides power to the whole home!

The plumber connects the fuel line from the fuel source to the generator. When a propane fueled generator is installed, the plumber will connect the propane tank to the generator by way of a fuel line. When a natural gas fueled generator is installed, the plumber will connect the natural gas line to the generator in similar fashion. 

Placing the generator close to both the electrical panel and the fuel source is an ideal way to save money on the installation. There are important safety factors to consider though. Generators produce carbon monoxide so it is vitally important the generator is at least 60 inches (or 5 feet) away from any window, door, or vent that goes into the home. The generator should also be placed in a location that can be readily accessible for maintenance and repairs. It should be in a location that is easy to keep clear as the buildup of brush or snow can create safety hazards and decrease reliability of the generator equipment. 

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