What’s in your Coolant?
What’s in your Coolant?

What's in Your Coolant?

With the variety of manufacturer recommendations for coolants and the variety of coolants offered, cooling system maintenance has become a major issue in the standby generator industry. Poor coolant conditions can have negative impacts on engines. Unlike other parts of the engine, the coolant is always “on” as it keeps the engine cool while the generator is in standby mode.

We can no longer assume the life expectancy of coolant based on engine hours or age of coolant. Those methods are unpredictable due to the variations of coolant types, various equipment types, and the various pressures the equipment it is under.

Technology now allows us to methodologically test the coolant. Coolant testing looks not only for age of coolant, but other factors that may help determine issues before they become expensive repairs. Coolant should be tested to determine the condition and expected life in order to optimize the use of generator equipment. Coolant sampling will also tell us if the coolant is in good condition at its recommended change date. Bottom line: don’t change the coolant when you don’t have to, but change it proactively before it does damage to the coolant system.

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