Home Standby Generators

A whole home generator is the one appliance that will keep all your other appliances running when you need them the most.

Households across New England, including Cape Cod and Rhode Island, trust FM Generator to keep their appliances and systems automatically running during storms and power outages. Our installation experts will help guide you to match your household needs and budget to the right generator. 


You have every appliance in your house, except the most important one.  A home generator installed by FM Generator is the one appliance that will keep all of your other appliances running when you need them the most. 

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Live Life Uninterrupted with Automatic Generators that Power Your Whole House

family moments

Family Moments Uninterrupted

At the end of a long day, it’s time to spend time together. Losing power leads to stress, loss of food, loss of heat/AC, and limited access to hot water.


Healthy Living

More seniors stay in their homes longer, through 55+ communities or home health care options. Keep health and safety systems running.


Work and School Uninterrupted

With the height of working remotely, a loss of power can mean that everyone falls behind. Don't miss another work day.

Protection Against Storm Damage and Power Outage Costs

Comfort and safety during a power outage

Avoid the unexpected costs that occur when a power outage strikes — including hotel stays, spoiled food losses, and damage such as basement water damage or frozen pipes.

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Smart Affordable Home Generator Options

How much does a generator cost?

Today’s residential generators perform better and cost less than those of the past, making them smart and affordable options for homeowners. We’ll help you find the option that meets your budget.

Local Home Generator Service and Maintenance 

Protect your investment with FM’s Planned Maintenance program. Our EGSA certified technicians will perform a comprehensive annual assessment to ensure your generator turns on when the power goes off. In addition, we offer 24/7 emergency service response as well as standard service for all major brands. Also, our extensive inventory allows most issues to be resolved on the first service call.

fortress home generator installed by fm generator massachusetts

Remote Monitoring

Monitor your home or your home away from home

You can be in control of your generator no matter where you are thanks to Power Telematics, a mobile monitoring system for your computer or smartphone that sends alerts and service schedule reminders. 

Home Generator Installation

Here is what to expect from the Home Generator Installation Process

Installation Checklist

  •  Initial information gathering call
  •  Home visit
  •  Customized proposal & timeline
  •  Drafting of necessary paperwork and obtaining local approval
  •  Installation day
  •  Ongoing maintenance agreement
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Comparison: Standby vs. Portable Generators

Standby-Generator-4Standby Generators

Portable-GeneratorPortable Generators

Power  ✔️Complete home back-up power   ❌ Selected circuits
Convenience  ✔️Most convenient; no additional activity required ❌ Least convenient; requires manual operation, refueling and close monitoring
Adds to value of home? ✔️Increase home resale values by 3%-5% ❌ Adds NO value to home
Safety  ✔️ No concerns ❌ Produces high levels of carbon monoxide gas as they run
Noise  ✔️ Reduced, fairly quiet ❌ Very loud, can exceed 70 decibels
Operation by Family  ✔️Easy, automatic operation ❌ Difficult
Runtimes ✔️Optimized for fuel efficiency, extended run times ❌ Short run times, depending on size of gas tank
Theft Risk  ✔️ Low ❌ High

       Our Product Dimensions

13 Kw Power Protect

13 Kw Power Protect

28L x 24.5W x 37.2H Available Fuel Types: LP, NG


20Kw Power Protect

46.5L x 26.8W x 28.4H Available Fuel Types: LP, NG


26Kw Power Protect

46.5L x 26.8W x 28.4H Available Fuel Types: LP, NG